Visual Identity
Bespoke Typeface


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Maltfabrikken is the new Culture Factory in Ebeltoft. The old buildings that were once a factory for producing malt, now house the local library, museum, archive, brewery, concert venue, coworking space and much more. With a historic past and an innovative future, it is growing into a flourishing cultural hub filled with art, music, history, passion and most importantly: People.


Maltfabrikken is collaborative, open-minded, hospitable and inquisitive – and is driven by the desire to be a dynamic incubator for the creative development of both people and communities. The core of Maltfabrikkens brand is cultural fusions. It is a place for people and businesses to meet, connect and grow. A place for sharing ideas and visions, a place to inspire and be inspired.



The design was developed from the conceptual narrative of fusions. Combining architectural shapes and human warmth. The old industrial surroundings meeting the creative residents. This led to a typographically driven identity and bespoke typeface. Additional to the logotype and bespoke typographic universe we developed a dynamic abstraction of an M, that moves and changes on the different surfaces it inhabits. A playful nod to the factory’s architectural features, as well as the ever-shifting life that surrounds it.