Our design approach is based on strategic purpose, clear communication, and exciting aesthetics.


Gathering the necessary information for the best position for your brand.

Getting to know a brand and its users are the first step to any design and/or strategy process. Interviews, workshops and desktop research is important to attain the knowledge to guide you and your business further and to ensure that the work we do will have a real impact.

We map out your current brand position and create an overview of your visions, challenges, competition and how you are perceived in general. When we know that, we can start to look at how you want to be perceived and how you get there.


Defining and crystallizing brand strategy and positioning.

The strategic phase is about crystallizing the brand’s DNA and finding out what makes them uniquely who they are. The values and visions from the insight phase now need to be worked into a strategic plan of how the brand needs to evolve and be perceived.

A good brand strategy lays down the groundwork of how the design should be. It gives the brand something to come back to whenever there is any doubt about how they should react. It can very simply be described as an agreed-upon statement that should always be true, visible and meaningful.


Developing the visual expression of your brand.

The design is where most of your audience meets your brand for the first time. Everything you have learned and know about yourself has to be communicated. Great and longlasting design has personality and an aesthetic that supports your visions and helps you develop a strong platform and public presence.

Based on strong insights and a meaningful strategic foundation we take a holistic approach to design. The possibilities are endless, and it is, therefore, important to create visual expressions that visualize the core values of your brand and creates an immediate connection between you and your user.


Implementing and activating brand touchpoints.

A smooth and strategic transition is necessary to keep the focus on your brand and its good intentions and to not confuse or alienate the users. An activation strategy is made to ensure that this goes well. After clarifying the activation strategy, the brand is first implemented on the key touchpoints, such as websites, marketing, social media, and other tangible media.


Evaluating, maintaining and developing your brand over time.

The perception of a brand is constantly shifting. It might be the costumers, the company or the environment that changes, it might be all three. That’s why maintenance and upkeep is one of the most important things when it comes to branding. We will help you prepare for your branding future, so you can react quickly and keep your brand relevant and positive.